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AURORA Report: Perspectives for development in Europe, and Western Romania 25-05-2016

The high rate of economic growth makes Eastern Europe a region with great opportunities for business and investments. The high reate of economic growth in Romania is the result of unexploited opportunities.


The idea to create the AURORA project came up due to the lack of transparency and information, in general, which we felt in developing our current works, of our lives. Restricting or limiting the access to information with public character, the unilateral biased presentation of public information are major barriers in forming and justifying some opinions and/or decisions, and may have a catastrophic impact for the future projects of the communities or investments.
All citizens must have access to real information concerning the stage and the perspectives of communities’ development they live or where they invest.
AURORA performs studies, analyses and economic and social prognoses, up to community level, in the benefit of the citizens and of the investors. 


Until this year, we have worked only in the WESTERN region of Romania, the counties of Arad and Timis, area which we present in detail in this our activity Report that you can download bellow. 
Starting 2016 we intend to expand the AURORA project area of action, in order to cover also other regions of Romania, Hungary and Serbia, or other areas (applying a specific method of analyse, developed by AURORA), so that our studies and materials could provide a better image on the state and likely evolution of these regions. 

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